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@VijeMiller · 3d
Minor update to #Miter so as to appear as having disregarded the project .. while in reality coding is not interesting and all the remaining amendments are more involved. #153018

@VijeMiller · 22d
Finalizing the search function for #Miter .. once beta testing the numerous variables that will break the code .. (3) thus far. #RightBrainAngry

@VijeMiller · 23d
NEW version of #Miter now available .. #133018 updates the archive/header .. search features .. user/settings changes .. and resolves an image-link bug. #Update

@VijeMiller · 26d
New version of #Miter now available .. #129018 removes footer (potential replacement) .. link word-wrap bug fix .. and settings page re-dressed.

@VijeMiller · 27d
Have taken notice of the mobile width bug in the latest version of #Miter. Shall investigate soonest .. or when ever .. which ever comes first.

@VijeMiller · 29d
NEW version of #Miter now available .. #127018 .. includes updated embed link -to- expanded link .. button styling and removal .. and minor aesthetic changes. Update soonest!

@VijeMiller · 29d
Seeing as most news sites embed their titles in the urls .. rather than burden with @file_get_contents lag .. word wrapping the url to reveal the contents-ish. #Miter

@VijeMiller · 29d
Better php error handling is the solution to the link title issue .. later today headline correction and button inclusions are goal. #Miter

@VijeMiller · 30d
Retaining bold italic underline and strike and downplay them as buttons .. while making them somewhat accessible. Dropping colors and super-sub-scripts bcz most can be printed from a keyboard. #Miter

@VijeMiller · 30d
Removed the buttons .. will retain the bbcode preg_replace for tolerances. #Miter

@VijeMiller · 30d
Finally figured out a minimal aesthetically tolerable button array for #Miter user/ .. stay tuned for a new version @ https://gitlab.com/VijeMiller/...

@VijeMiller · 1d
Have settled on keeping the bbcode buttons that are present now .. with some minor modifications to the space accommodations. Would also prefer a dynamic form .. perhaps above my pay-grade. #Miter

@VijeMiller · 2d
The link embed feature appears to have countless flaws .. which we shall attempt to sort out .. or remove all together. Else where, the buttons (bbcode) are falling behind on want. #Miter

@VijeMiller · 3d
Testing another feature reveal an html tag bug .. will resolve soonest .. mean while .. this doubles as a test for embedding link previews of title/desc .. #Miter

@VijeMiller · 4d
Tasks at bat today -> #Miter button corrections + additions .. record audio for new #TVShow episode .. and visit a new (local) makerspace and print a project(?)

@VijeMiller · 6d
Inevitable redundant #Gauhd decrees will be posted here on #Miter due to the previous archive having been replaced since conversion to XML .. for example ..

@VijeMiller · 10d
NEW (beta) version of #Miter available @ GitLab as a temporary transition in to the new lay out .. many aesthetics like buttons, settings and headers are still in development.

@VijeMiller · 10d
position:absolute .. and self control .. will not be synonymous at first. #Miter

@VijeMiller · 10d
In brief .. hate table:fixed so much .. utilizing the lie that it permits access to even more bbcode .. removing the buttons and replacing them with a drop down list. #Miter

@VijeMiller · 10d
#Miter To Do List:
1. Fix user/ buttons
2. Search (box and hashtag)
3. Condense user/ input area
4. Aesthetics user/ and settings
5. Reply -> Quote (embeds miter)

@VijeMiller · 11d
Major updates coming to #Miter .. reformatting essentially the entirety of the archive/ and user/ so as to permit the inclusion of new functions. #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 13d
Aesthetics update to #Miter now available on GitLab .. #111018 adds desktop space to make room for more pending functions .. more coming soon.

@VijeMiller · 13d
Putting some major changes to the #Miter user/ pages .. mostly aesthetics .. some functional improvements. #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 15d
Error checking #Miter ..

@VijeMiller · 16d
Have re-re-left any and all /other than #Miter/ social media .. bcz while the notion is to recruit .. the pool of those who occupy those sites either are unwanted or .. many already preach the same dynamics .. but are merely seeking leadership and destination .. which shd be the focus. #Project47

@VijeMiller · 17d
Updating #Miter
user/ buttons
'days ago'
user cookie -> delete (archive)
Stay tuned for an updated version alert.

@VijeMiller · 23d
Working on a 'header card' for the archive/ #Miter page ... seeing as it will centralize numerous functions (isolated, full and search).

@VijeMiller · 24d
Updated #Miter to embed images and videos in the archive/ now that the number of miters displayed is limited or isolated ... aiming to now link hashtags to search results ... and updating the header. #101018

@VijeMiller · 24d
Critical #Miter update -> archive/ limit function resolved -> image embed bug resolved -> code aesthetics improved. #100018A

@VijeMiller · 24d
Discovered a #Miter image display bug ... will sort out shortly. #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 25d
#Miter beta update altering json -> xpath with new archive/index.php embed_miter.php and user/index.php ... Archive limiter is still under development due to 'slice' errors. #100018

@VijeMiller · 27d
CRITICAL update for #Miter to version #097018 -> changes to permalink address -> new archive/ with isolation for linked miters. Update now!

@VijeMiller · 28d
NEW version of #Miter #096018
1. miter.php 'tz' correction
2. user/ update conversion to curl
3. link arrow added

@VijeMiller · 28d
Presently correcting the potential 'update version' issue with #Miter. Be sure to check GitLab for the latest version until this issue is resolved.

@VijeMiller · 28d
Some semblance of calm from the server migration ... resolved a stripos() issue and now moving on to #Miter errors and will add a few elements in the process. #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 6h
1. #Miter NEW buttons (2)
2. Miter archive/ limit and link (?)
3. #TVShow 4X14