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@VijeMiller · 2d
Most NYC Xmas films plot chaos and turmoil for Santa bcz it would be unreasonable to ask the viewer to believe any thing magical occurs in this cesspool.
@VijeMiller · 31d
NYC demands of you to tolerate people who are unwilling to tolerate you.
@VijeMiller · 34d
Amazon and Google expand in NYC .. and with NYC being the highest taxed city in America, that shd mean a huge income for the government .. not you, silly peasant. What?! Tax breaks to move to NYC?
@VijeMiller · 47d
The idyllic Queens slash Brooklyn slash Bronx slash sewer life-style view .. pressuming every one in NYC sees in lithography .. bcz the actual view is depressing.
@VijeMiller · 47d
NYers gravitate towards lines (sloppily) far more aggressively than most sheeple. Their mindlessness need only a whistle noise and perhaps Lassie. #NYC
@VijeMiller · 52d
MTA is self-congratulatory about a 'tradition' of reading while riding .. in turn shd mean that w/ 8.5m people, NYC shd be an intellectual utopia; watched a guy shit against a building (status quo).
@VijeMiller · 52d
The reason we shd return to burning witches in this era is bcz people who entertain such things shd be exterminated for the sanity of the village. Slightly less murdery. #NYC
@VijeMiller · 54d
#Daredevil S3 seems written by the staff of a NYC indie theater .. with fight choreography by a high school drama club.
@VijeMiller · 57d
But fret not .. for every other crime possible, from stabbing to rape to pick pocketing to fraud was committed in multitudes during that time. Success! #NYC #EndAmerica
@VijeMiller · 67d
NYers claim to be the biggest advocates for civility .. yet no protests for a toll station that photographs you .. even when you pay. #NYC
@VijeMiller · 69d
Verifiable proof that women are less observant than men; to my right a woman is giving a b/j .. several men walking by looked thrice .. not a single woman has even turned her head. #NYC
@VijeMiller · 69d
#NYC can spend billions on parades, concerts, foreign dignitaries, IDs for immigrants .. but spend a cool billion to update 30+ yr old subway cars for efficiency and domestic comfort?! Never! Huzzah!
@VijeMiller · 85d
.. and half of the other half goes unreported by MSM provoked by city officials so as to not sour public image. #NYC is grossly under-reporting crime.
@VijeMiller · 95d
NYC campaign adverts are 90% ranking their ability to fight back against a nationally elected leader .. and 10% emphasizing that they have already been in office but things still need help. Uh.
@VijeMiller · 97d
4/2 Do take note, Detectives .. that your behaviors here are indicative of why there is a resistance to this modern culture. I (me) am harmless to you .. far more harmless than many in NYC. Obviously.
@VijeMiller · 98d
Cheers Detectives .. you managed to unsettle two easily self-involved morons .. which is an easy tactic being that this metric matches most in NYC. Shall we elucidate so as to clarify for you? 1/2
@VijeMiller · 101d
We can elevate each personality to be 'gang members' .. or we could live in NYC for a year and recognize that this is likely by nearly every one there. #NYC
@VijeMiller · 103d
Puerto Rico is culture so rich in it's diversity of death that the government is unable to determine how thousands have died. The next NYC PR parade shd have random executions for authenticity.
@VijeMiller · 103d
Over hearing 5 people on Skype discuss writing a play .. 5 people .. surely this will be a masterpiece worthy of Shakespeare or Simon .. the 1 person(s) who wrote dozens of classics. (>_ლ) #NYC
@VijeMiller · 110d
Remember spay or neuter your New Yorkers. #NYC
@VijeMiller · 112d
Have long noted that no real estate tycoon from NYC could have lived life free of mob influence .. and yet the current dialog is where Donald Trump has dunk his baby carrot. America is hopeless even now when it comes to disparaging others.
@VijeMiller · 113d
NYC is a psychologists masturbatory fantasy .. bcz you have every facet of arrogant-ignorance that it is often difficult to typically metric the like together.
@VijeMiller · 120d
NYC is the type of place and people who would sue dinosaurs for turning to fossil fuel that melts steel beams.
@VijeMiller · 126d
Next de Blasio will be polling MS-13 to see how they would vote before offering amnesty-for-voting .. then claiming this develops a positive relationship going forward. NYC shd be sunk and turned in to a reef for better-than-NYers wildlife.
@VijeMiller · 134d
No uh .. soldier, politician, civil rights activist, police officer, construction worker .. even stripper? the street could be named after instead of an unimportant kid killed in a case of mistaken identity? #NYC is the empty hash tags of cities.
@VijeMiller · 135d
This being a vital service to millions .. seems like some thing you may want to first ask idk .. the people who purchase it .. instead of say .. being dismissive petty politicians in a supposed democracy. #NYC #EndAmerica
@VijeMiller · 136d
Local #NYC FOX broadcast began with "3D Printed Gun Legislation" then "Warm Weather" then ..
Mean-while in an app .. shooting, stabbing, suicide and other things typically found in the 2nd least safest large city.
Filtered news?! Nah. #EndAmerica
@VijeMiller · 137d
Popes have been popes for less time than Mario Cuomo has been in office .. perhaps we shd cremate all US officials and select a new 'no leadership'. Cremating them is how we get that smoke signal .. right?! It .. it shd be. #NYC #EndAmerica
@VijeMiller · 137d
Mario Cuomo commercials could easily be confused for a Shriners Children Hospital commercial. A cartoon troll stuck in the bottom of a well speaks more eloquently than Mario Cuomo and his bucket mouth. #EndNYC
@VijeMiller · 138d
Would like to record the audio for this particular new #TVShow episode .. but the local Greek Orthodox Church is celebrating just how obnoxious religion can be when it's not hurtling weaponry at each other. Religions do not have an off switch. #NYC
@VijeMiller · 139d
Transferring from the N to the 6 is like reverse migrating from Europe to Africa .. I would rather not survive the crossing than go to Afro-6. #NYC
@VijeMiller · 140d
Theme of the next several episodes of #TVShow are -- Jesus, bats, Jesus, God, Jesus, Jesus, scum bags (NYC). Stay tuned! Sigh.
@VijeMiller · 147d
Problem with tolerating #NYC is that you can not venture to alter routine behaviors of the average mentally disabled NYer for fear it will so radically destabilize them that they will act out. Note: 'can not' is a trope.
@VijeMiller · 151d
Can not .. take Formula E .. seriously.
There is no whining in sports!
@VijeMiller · 151d
52 minutes scheduled to travel a mere 4 miles .. in a city that promotes and swaggers about connectivity. #NYC is a fraud and pollution to humanity and shd be walled and then razed with it's inhabitants. #EndAmerica
@VijeMiller · 152d
Hack Manhattan is disgusting .. to no surprise as it is resides near Union Square .. the anal gland of NYC. Discovered -annoyingly- a new g/d makerspace not more than 12 blocks South of my current residence.
@VijeMiller · 157d
Living in NYC means having black homosexual STD pill commercials .. some thing .. some thing you do not .. experience in say .. Utah. Then again .. America is shit from coast to coast so ..
@VijeMiller · 157d
Cumbersome noisy gate or transient psychopaths and immigrants lounging on the steps .. those are the only options in NYC. #EndYC
@VijeMiller · 159d
"MTA launches new app to help riders .. " translates to "MTA is too dysfunctional for normal anticipated use". #NYC