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@VijeMiller · 59d
#OakIsland may soon reveal a polar bear in this time-jump story telling. #WeHaveToGoBack

@VijeMiller · 59d
There is naivety about the 1861(g) 'collapse' as opposed to rationalizing that it was purely superficial, especially if the vault was encased in cement/wood. #NoCaisson #OakIsland

@VijeMiller · 34d
Pine, Birch and #OakIsland (not to scale)

@VijeMiller · 65d
Jack: "What is it?"
Gary: "Chain link."
Director: "Can you elaborate?"
Gary: "Shit, sorry. I'm tired."

@VijeMiller · 70d
The lessons Rick and Marty shd take from the Smith's Cove -by hand- excavation is that caissons are not nearly as revealing as digging shafts. #OakIsland

@VijeMiller · 71d
NEW episode of #TVShow 4X38 published and it's not nearly as good as it deserves to be .. spoofing my favorite television series #OakIsland. Camera quality (Canon XS720) and audio quality under current conditions were crap and post could only bare.

@VijeMiller · 72d
The flow of water is a dialog misdirected in each mention .. even with a flood tunnel system, the measured flow of 600+ gpm or 10X (non-pump) current would require an outlet .. another fill point or natural. #OakIsland

@VijeMiller · 73d
Bob Restall is my favorite #OakIsland character .. worked the land by hand, slept in harsh conditions, focused on the flood tunnels foremost and believed as I do, 1600's LeHave is the source. #PirateBank

@VijeMiller · 73d
Shelving an #OakIsland spoof episode for next series so that it can be done proper. This leaves focus on a quick-spit Series 4 Finale. #TVShow

@VijeMiller · 73d
Every individual who even tempted to believe a rock 200 yds off-shore is a purposeful clue to an even more ridiculous off-shore flood tunnel shd be removed from the island and replaced with an individual who has experienced common sense. #OakIsland

@VijeMiller · 75d
Blair recognized that digging at the Money Pit is financially futile until capping the flood tunnels. Season 1 thru 5 .. 'lets dig the Money Pit'. Evidence of why I would argue w/ Laginas. #OakIsland

@VijeMiller · 77d
[a 100+ yards off shore 20+ feet deep]
"It's pointing North."
"That's towards the Money Pit."
(>_ლ) #OakIsland

@VijeMiller · 78d
Reading Sullivan's The Curse of #OakIsland - the French governor of Arcadia's invitation to privateers for a base of operations in Nova Scotia is imo the most promising information 65 pages in.