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@VijeMiller · 1d
Distrusting our own to the point IDs are not enough is the sign of a failed cultural preservation. America is a past tense term. We must begin again. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 9d
Writing php for #Project47 the while once again for the 47th time, wanting to over-simplify http://vijemiller.com... .. which will once again for the 47th time, result in regret.
@VijeMiller · 9d
The 'ugh to meh' ratio extrapolates the preservation of a culture. Americans have ventured too far with mehs to resolve. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 12d
(._.) #Project47
@VijeMiller · 18d
#Project47 still requires -quite promptly- to register alternatives/complaints/deductions in a presentable forum. A solo-produced podcast remains elusive mentally the while written remains optimal.
@VijeMiller · 25d
2/2 The hold outs during the war shall be shamed, ridiculed and refrained from access to these new lands. Cultural complacency is a form of treason. #Project47 #Gauhd
@VijeMiller · 41d
The accurate perspective of the 33% who wish to 'live abroad' is in fact 33% who wish to live in a new country that resembles their own culture. #Project47 #Gauhd
@VijeMiller · 41d
Invade, conquer and eliminate these scourges to humanity? Nope .. just point it out and fester bcz, 'they're people too' and we find greater lasting value in complaining. #EndUS #Project47
@VijeMiller · 60d
When even solutions for angst (alcohol) is burdened by cultural differences (language) .. war is inevitable. Asked for 'well tequila on the rocks' .. she listed off beers. #EndSpanish #Project47
@VijeMiller · 73d
(._.) .. why wars are not necessarily about the acquisition of resources, but the preservation of such. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 123d
As if I were not anti-most every thing and a proponent of cleaning up the ocean enough .. now we have sullied my seasonings?! Forget the war on plastics .. humans use them .. war on humans! #Project47
@VijeMiller · 137d
One abstract would be to make the Spanish language on par with Navajo .. anecdotal and forgotten. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 138d
Challenge accepted. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 138d
In 60% of domestic violence cases, the beaten spouse recants ?!.. #EndAmerica so as to recourse how women (and men) are conditioned going forward. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 139d
30 days to exfil and #Project47 ?!.. is appearing less likely .. but, then again .. #ycngb
@VijeMiller · 145d
Amid a tough transition to a less superior position (again) .. tho this does nothing to presently change the #Project47 counter nor does it truly interfere with engineering projects. New eps soon!
@VijeMiller · 145d
Expediting applications from certain regions of the US is swiftly devolving to an entirety of rigorous testing on a case by case basis. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 147d
Deciphered how raising-vs-senior compensated for in #EntityTax .. but application for seniors .. while embracing farming-senior-residences as a concept .. remain uncertain how to solve. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 150d
Ideally, after having wasted 10 years and potentially another 5 to 7 consumed with #Project47 being a personal salvation .. there will be an innate requisite to submerge for 365 straight days.
@VijeMiller · 154d
Demonstrating the plague on humanity every one east of the Mississippi is in sheer spite of their constant preaching to the antithesis; CO2. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 159d
Western nations constantly complaining that Russia hacked their systems shd actually be perceived as Western nations being so feckless as to be readily hacked. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 170d
'why we fight' .. is the dogma of every successful culture. Americans fight bcz they have no other choice. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 170d
No country or peoples will again succeed until they seek to resolve to an absolute. Preservation is not enough .. assurance is every thing. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 173d
Too numerous 'may' statements in the 'news' today .. reducing my capacity to 'care'. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 175d
One of #Project47 and #Gauhd's goals will be to circumvent our abuses of natural resources that are imperative to our health. Green is our favorite color .. it is even represented in our emblem and shall be defended regardless of human borders. #DOD
@VijeMiller · 177d
The issue with modern US military tactics (why US loses wars) .. like room clearing .. is that there is a preservation state of mind .. which impedes absolutes. With in an enemy occupied land, there are no 'civilians' only targets. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 180d
1) #Miter → 30d Bug Fix → Cookie/Delete Bug Fix
2) #TVShow ISHF Production
3) #Project47 SITREP 1X001 Pre-Production
@VijeMiller · 180d
Illegals passing an electronic verification system that must manage hundreds of millions bcz it is as impractical as it sounds. Naive modern world believes that limitations have not been met .. nature and history differ. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 181d
"Many have theorized that the destruction of the Dome on the Rock would result in a third world war" .. immediately measures the air space between the Sepulcher and the Dome .. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 188d
These are requisites in every species on Earth. Lethargic unchallenged humans delude them selves to believe they are exclude from these rules .. believing peace is consequence of defiance. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 191d
There are ranch raised and there are free grazers. Americans need perspective that there is two Americas .. and as is in the past .. ranchers (metropolis) hate free grazers (town) .. and neither shd the two exist as one. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 192d
What you will accomplish is becoming unaware of the resistance .. conditioned to believe you are safe and isolated .. when in fact the resistance is amassing in silence .. at your behest. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 196d
God damn it I am thrilled to be able to soon do some thing I have fantasized about since I first began driving and realizing what colossal ass holes most people are .. demolition derby. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 199d
Incite the natives .. step one. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 199d
2/2 [beat] Then when the war ignites .. you shall more easily know who your enemies are. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 203d
The internet was idealized as a device for knowledge .. but most of us are not seeking knowledge .. but community for our stupid inadequacies. We need to scorn stupid again! #Project47
@VijeMiller · 203d
Knowledge is memorizing a book.
Intellect is application of said knowledge.
Liberalism, is having experienced neither.
@VijeMiller · 206d
Peasants have been thru out all of human history .. cowards until told otherwise. Today we lack the leadership of some one with a distinctive verbose intellect and spirit to inspire peasants to sacrifice for future of family and community. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 207d
Leaning towards super-villain today .. and with it demanding so little of me to tolerate others .. hard to be swayed to the alternatives. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 210d
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+11,089,543 (365)
@VijeMiller · 210d
If being "American" means having to be tolerant of all things .. then I choose to be a "Gauhd" .. bcz our kingdom asks not for blindness but rather for clarity. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 211d
It is not the color of skin but the culture of the men who wear their color that burdens another. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 213d
Another eager to jump ship .. as the growing list of those once applauded then discarded over dark humor will likely abandon America once the opportunity arises. #Project47 coming soon!
@VijeMiller · 222d
The double standard tolerance in modern American culture would be cause for war prior to the first Civil War .. NAACP, Hispanic Blah Fund, LGBTQ .. when a minority intimidates the majority .. there is no majority to defend. #EndAmerica #Project47
@VijeMiller · 223d
People who use less than 50% of the things they own .. top of the list for the 'halving' .. if one could figure out how to specify people who clearly lack utility coming in to contact with the means to halve. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 225d
I do not desire nor will live on lands occupied by any other than my own .. who seek the preservation of no other than our own. This is the core dogma of #Project47.
@VijeMiller · 227d
Fortunately we have found contentment with 1 of 3 options occurring from #Project47 .. wealth, power or death. 75d
@VijeMiller · 227d
Make Mexico Mexico Again! This approach actually increases the militarism of the cartels when the consequences are rescinded .. making the competition to take those lands more difficult. Thx, Liberalism. :/ #Project47
@VijeMiller · 228d
Have re-re-left any and all /other than #Miter/ social media .. bcz while the notion is to recruit .. the pool of those who occupy those sites either are unwanted or .. many already preach the same dynamics .. but are merely seeking leadership and destination .. which shd be the focus. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 233d
A society that must defend its self from its self is no society at all. #Project47
@VijeMiller · 238d
Mention from 4chan: "the left thinks we don't want escalation". #Project47
@VijeMiller · 238d
National Socialism with an Elective Monarchy ... in a nut shell. #Gauhd #Project47
@VijeMiller · 240d
Difficult to want to have to build a base the while understanding the absolutely necessity to organize a base so that when enabled ... it shall be more easily understand and collaborated with. Delicate thread being woven now ... #Project47