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@VijeMiller · 2d
http://VijeMiller.com... has been converted to the #Tenon platform which includes mobile accessibility. Beware of bugs - use a generous amount of deet.

@VijeMiller · 2d
By end of day we (me) will have reviewed all pages from the previous 12 year old http://vijemiller.com... - migrated all pages to the new #Tenon blog platform - and will remove the older platform. Tenon is in beta - bugs may exist.

@VijeMiller · 3d
104 pages translated .. +/-100 to go.
#Tenon new features added + mods to #Miter
.. stay tuned.

@VijeMiller · 5d
#Tenon and http://VijeMiller.com... is on track to be completed by the end of week - in time for new content to begin appearing. A new #Miter page is being populated to download updated versions (.zip) .. and a Tenon page will follow.

@VijeMiller · 8d
Discovered first fatal flaw in #Tenon - to be resolved shortly. Mind the gap.

@VijeMiller · 8d
#Tenon is [beta] ready - unknown bugs not-with-standing. Now to re-populate 12 years of content .. sigh. Roughly 250 pages to compose. #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 9d
http://VijeMiller.com... is about to go thru a huge over haul after 12 years .. at present finalizing coding for the #Tenon new and edit admin pages - then populating from old. #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 10d
Based on the complexity of the content per static page, the method of exploding the array of a .txt must be inherently different than with miters which are stripped of most html. #Tenon is close/not-close. Why the h now after 14 years?! (>_ლ)

@VijeMiller · 11d
We (me) will be terminating hosting #Miter (and #Tenon) on GitLab in the next 10 days - and will instead host updated packages locally - often offering single file or .zip file updates. Working on developing installation packages ("nah").

@VijeMiller · 12d
Just envisioned the name for the larger #Miter blog spin-off - which seemingly makes it all but certain to go in to dev asap. #Tenon