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@VijeMiller · 15d
An updated version of #Miter is now available (82019) which includes mp4 webm and gifv embed - form include to a secure folder - and - minor aesthetics. More aesthetics, link color field and quote are next. #Update

@VijeMiller · 38d
#Miter Update (60019):
embed-miter image/video embed
link and third party fields combined
third party tpimg retired (59019)

@VijeMiller · 111d
[Major Update] As of #Miter version 351018 the .xml archive has been depreciated and replaced with a .txt archive to reduce bandwidth. Download your existing archive and upgrade all files.

@VijeMiller · 111d
[Update] #Miter 351018A corrects the pagination of the full archive. The search function is still inactive.