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@VijeMiller · 72d
"..don't understand how such a forward thinking organization like Cern, which does so much to promote diversity in research.." statement to evidence of what is claimed, that emotion overrules function
@VijeMiller · 76d
"Autism shd not be alienated, they are normal .. " as we must search for them like they are lost puppies. Normal barely skirts normal .. making abnormal disposable.
@VijeMiller · 84d
Validation of Earth research typically finds more credibility when the data exceeds at least the life span of say, every one alive. 55,000 are over 100 .. they could tell you more than researchers.
@VijeMiller · 85d
(>_ლ) The uh .. advice .. by researchers .. sigh .. is that more sex .. and not less sex .. increases the odds of IVF. Plato's, we are not.
@VijeMiller · 90d
2/2 .. begs to 404 their search results for 'human history' so they give it attention .. then abandon them so they experience how Socialism requires Capitalism to preach Socialism romantically.
@VijeMiller · 91d
"nessun dorma acapella" as a most recent internet search bcz there is no low brow shenanigans in this dwelling .. right up until it is exploited for a gag. (>_ლ)
@VijeMiller · 97d
Using explosives for safety is a very American technique. Peugeot is researching severing your head in a crash so they can more easily reattach it later. That's a guillotine joke.
@VijeMiller · 101d
Journalists shd not have friends .. only sources. The minute you see a 'journalist' befriend persons in their field of research, they discredit their profession.
@VijeMiller · 112d
A query of 'american family' in an image search strangely reveals a theme that represents less than 6% of the American population .. demonstrating that the internet does not represent reality.
@VijeMiller · 112d
Calm down #McAfee .. taking credit for medical researchers having developed advanced medicine simply bcz you may or may not have prevented a virus on their computers is a tad too overzealous.
@VijeMiller · 122d
Rule of thumb .. the 'researchers' who have Long Island, New York or Boston affixed to their 'intellectual' braggadocio are both in name only.
@VijeMiller · 122d
Exhaustion from cultures protecting non-sensical historical structures that continue to hide 'secrets' gives me desire to conquer said cultures and let researchers tear them asunder merely to cease the dialog in an advanced society.
@VijeMiller · 125d
Harvard is an Ivy League School with some of the most advanced researching projects in the world .. funded even by tax payers. One might expect studies to come out of Harvard that one did not already learn from 80's sitcoms. #StopUS
@VijeMiller · 130d
"makeup makes you look different" .. as authored by 7 'researchers'. Science is a passion of mine .. and to watch it pissed on by social hyphens. If an ancient philosopher once posited about it .. you shd be denied a grant. #EndGrants