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@VijeMiller · 21d
5% tariff on imported goods does nothing to compensate for the billions sent home to Mexico and Central American countries from illegal immigrants. Preservation is an all or nothing gesture. #pfs #tomb

@VijeMiller · 32d
CA offers tax incentives (w/o consent) for filmmakers (despite being the 2nd highest taxed) who leave Georgia. Irony being that the revenue then to CA contributes to one of the highest remittances states out of CA. #tomb

@VijeMiller · 32d
Pay just one cent and there is nothing that shd impede the people of America from rioting and burning their capitals. Billions of $ sent across borders by remittance and gov funding is treasonous. #pfs #tomb

@VijeMiller · 71d
Americans are getting their money ba--oh oh oh he means returning the stolen from America then stolen from Mexicans wealth, back to Mexicans who continue to receive money stolen from America. #tomb #pfs

@VijeMiller · 80d
Remittance US -> Mexico
28,000,000,000 per year
76,712,328.80 per day
3,196,347.03 per hour
53,272.45 per minute