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@Project47 · 11d
Provincial Legislation
Civil laws are universal and are not bound to provincial borders.
Environmental laws are specific to provincial geography. #DOM

@Project47 · 11d
Product Label
All ingredients must be clearly identified on packaging. Shd product have no label or is unable to accommodate sufficient data, the information must (as well) be made available on a #DOC public database.

@Project47 · 11d
Government may not negotiate trade deals. Government may only regulate transportation, product and source restrictions. No tax import/export taxation shall be levied. #DOC

@Project47 · 11d
Unaccompanied Migrant Child
-- will be deported to the nearest border country. Refusal by the host country will result in termination of the youth. #LessIsMore #DOD

@Project47 · 14d
Remittance US -> Mexico
28,000,000,000 per year
76,712,328.80 per day
3,196,347.03 per hour
53,272.45 per minute

@Project47 · 16d
Posting any thing on the internet may not be prosecuted as a crime. Content of posting may be investigated if displaying a crime or a potential crime against another individual. #DOJ

@Project47 · 19d
Registration (Culture)
No Italians or (1) generation decedent of an Italian. #DOR

@Project47 · 19d
Person(s) permitted on property are not liable for damages to person(s) trespassing on said property. Person(s) trespassing are liable for all damages as result of trespassing. #DOJ

@Project47 · 20d
Death Penalty
Execution will be conducted by affixing a weight to the criminal's waist and disposing of the aware person(s) in to the ocean no less than (5) miles from any shoreline. This shall minutely redeem the criminal for their actions. #DOJ

@Project47 · 21d
The plot to removing the characteristic of appeasing other cultural traits in opposition of yours - is to cease marketing your country as a tourist destination and focus on domestic exchanges. #pfs