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@Project47 · 26d
Prosecution of a violent crime may not be prejudiced by gender, race, disability or sexual orientation. #DOJ

@Project47 · 26d
Penalty (Explosive Device)
Prosecution for placing an explosive device in public with the intent to harm, may not be modified to an alternative charge or penalty in exchange for providing information to authorities. #DOJ

@Project47 · 26d
.. will be published in no more than 1 hour following conviction. Initiation of sentence will commence immediately. #DOJ

@Project47 · 26d
Chain Gang
All prisoners sentenced between 5 days to 10 years will result in participation in chain gang labor. No exclusions. #DOJ

@Project47 · 26d
Sealed Case
Nope. Any prosecution is subject to transparency upon completion of said prosecution. Victims may request to have their identities and affiliated data censored from public documentation. #DOJ

@Project47 · 16d
Posting any thing on the internet may not be prosecuted as a crime. Content of posting may be investigated if displaying a crime or a potential crime against another individual. #DOJ

@Project47 · 19d
Person(s) permitted on property are not liable for damages to person(s) trespassing on said property. Person(s) trespassing are liable for all damages as result of trespassing. #DOJ

@Project47 · 20d
Death Penalty
Execution will be conducted by affixing a weight to the criminal's waist and disposing of the aware person(s) in to the ocean no less than (5) miles from any shoreline. This shall minutely redeem the criminal for their actions. #DOJ

@Project47 · 23d
Any citizen who has completed mandatory military training and has not committed an unsolicited violent crime is free to carry a firearm on public property. Private property owners hold discretion of permission. #DOR #DOJ

@Project47 · 43d
Animal Torture
Torturing and/or killing an animal for novelty will demand a 10 day hold for psychological evaluation and may result in banishment. #DOJ

@Project47 · 43d
Vehicle head lights must be activated if natural light is less than 500 lux.
Violation will result in initial 5 day suspension of license and fine. #DOJ

@Project47 · 43d
Violation Classification
All driving violations will be categorized as disorderly conduct then amended w/ violation event. Penalty will be inferred by degree of event. #DOJ

@Project47 · 45d
Any person/s may be questioned by police at any time for proof of citizenship or authorization for visit. Failure to provide proof will result in arrest and possible deportation. #DOR #DOJ

@Project47 · 48d
Departments: #DOC Commerce #DOD Defense #DOE Education #DOH Health #DOJ Justice #DOM Monarchy #DOR Registry #DOS Structure

@Project47 · 47d
Client Attorney Privilege
Privilege expires upon criminal conviction or death of client. #DOJ

@Project47 · 47d
Statute of Limitations
None -- for the prosecution of any crime.
If evidence persists, a conviction is applicable. #DOJ

@Project47 · 47d
Violent Crime Detention
No suspect charged and at present being prosecuted for a violent crime may be released until prosecution has completed. #DOJ

@Project47 · 47d
Missing Person(s) Suspect
An individual suspected of knowledge of the whereabouts of a presently missing person(s) may be held w/o charge until sought fit to either release or prosecute. #DOJ

@Project47 · 47d
Mentally Sound / Notation
If you subsisted to adulthood, you are capable of discernment. #DOJ

@Project47 · 47d
Mentally Sound
Prosecution of a crime may not take in to account state of mind or mental capacity or lapse of rational thought as primary cause. #DOJ