Universal Identification Card (UID)
Encapsulated into one universal identification, this UI Card distinguishes your personal information as credentials for admittance, travel, voting and all other vital attributes required.

Registered at birth, an individual is given a universal static identifier numeral to be used for all identification and cataloged purposes. Biometric authentication is also obtained at this time of registration. Upon acquiring identification, the individual will be given different class identifiers. When maturated, security codes, utilized in voting, will be supplemented.


1. Identification
2. Driverís License (Increment Class Levels)
3. Passport (Increment Class Levels)
4. Security (Increment Class Levels)

Security Code

Following maturation, a new card is manufactured with a 5 digit alphanumeric security code. This code is applied during the voting process and is utilized as voter confirmation and may be employed in additional security and travel circumstances. This security code is only textually embedded onto the card surface and does not appear in the barcode or magnetic stripe data.

Theft, Loss, Renewal or Maturation (Security Code)

Upon every new manufacturing of your UI Card, either by replacement of theft or natural occurrence, renewal or age maturation, a new security code is identified, cataloged and applied to your new UI Card.

Travel (Use)

Registration (swipe and biometric confirmation) within travel facilities are required upon arrival when traversing continents or pre-designated restricted areas.

Voting (Use)
*120 Day Intervals/Static Polling Locations

1. Swipe UI Card. (Ballot Appliance)
2. Confirm language preference. (UI Card Reference)
3. Enter Security Code.
4. Insert completed "scantron". (Ballot obtain several days prior.)
5. Receive instantaneous print-out. (Visually confirm selections.)
6. Confirm or Rescan ballot.
7. Staple (or alternative) print-out to "scantron" for personal records.

UI Card Example (V.1)

UI Card (Front)
*Security Print Overlay

1. Photograph
2. Continental Location
3. Provincial Location
4. Global Identification Numeral
5. UI Card Class (ID, DL, PS, etc.)
6. Restrictions
7. Endorsements
8. Print Date
9. Expiration Date
10. Print Location
11. First, Middle and Last Name
12. Date of Birth
13. Gender
14. Race (*Missing from V.1)
15. Height (Centimeters)
16. Eye Color
17. Language (Preference *Missing from V.1)
18. Residential Street Address
19. Residential City
20. Residential Zip Code
21. Signature

UI Card (Back)

1. Code 128 Barcode
2. Security Code (1)
3. DataMatrix 2D Barcode
4. Security Code (2)
5. High Coercivity 3 Track Magnetic Stripe