What account becomes of us if we begin at the end?

Former Federal Bureau of Investigation detective Robert Shale has happened upon the end of his life. Now that this arduously journeyed novel possesses a conclusion, the story of his life can be told. By tracing the steps back upon his existence, we may understand why on this day, the fourth of April, he died.

What we know, we can be sure of only by recorded accounts. Born Robert Louis Shale in Eureka, California 42 years and 49 days ago. His father, Jacob Shale, a Humboldt County Sheriff, and his mother, Marilyn Ann-Courts, a highly celebrated painter, died on a derailed tramway accident in Spain when Robert was 14. Living with his only surviving bloodline, his Uncle Mitchell Shale raised the boy on the island of Maui where he displaced high regard for law enforcement. He served two tours of duty in various countries including Vietnam as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army’s 4th Battalion Rangers. Joined the Los Angeles Police Academy shortly after and was fast tracked into homicide where he was optioned for employment with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation. Four years of decorated service, earning Presidential commendations, and finally lead detective of the East Coast Task Force out of Langley, Virginia.

And then quietly...he snapped. Following the death of his first wife and daughter by repercussions of his work, his anguish turned inside and abruptly wrought his life. Seeking therapy after being discharged from service, he employed himself as a private investigator for Hinckley, Gander and Twill out of New York. He re-married; Rebecca Ford Aless who died less than a year ago. And now, he lays still in the night, becoming a figment of our imagination.

The future has never been told...only the past may have a narrative.

"Shale" is a gritty and narrowly comedic television series crafted to be told from the end to the beginning of Robert Shales' life. From the inception, we are faced with his untimely demise. Each episode, a moment in time before the last, crafts our interests in his preservation, though knowingingly that there will be no happy ending.

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