@pkvi · 3h
A summary of Hollywood then, now and forever.

@pkvi · 3h
The discrepancy between unemployment, unwillingness, poor work integrity and automation relative to population, can not be overstated. Civilization is not sustainable in the version leading up to what globalists envision --> they have it dangerously selfishly wrong. We will have to stop them or suffer. #pfs

@pkvi · 3h
Stopped #StrangerThings 4 after a redundant
characters-oblivious exhaustive setup.

Stopped #ObiWanKenobi after the chest
thumping inferior woke retaliation speech.

Here is hoping Attenborough does not proclaim
gender fluid or climate change connotations
for #PrehistoricPlanet.

@pkvi · 3h
"You gotta' Jedi on that farm?" (>_ლ)
There is casting black actresses for the sake of conditioning tolerances for other races --> and then there is casting black actresses for the sake of defiance, like a temper tantrum. Integration is a full sensory experience and sound is a prominent one. She is terrible, as is the trend when misunderstanding biology. At least they got the Jew right. #ObiWanKenobi

@pkvi · 5h
There is an absolute biological distinction when a black woman does not suit a role. It is never subtle and thus amplifies its insincere casting. #ObiWanKenobi doubles down by surrounding this black woman, w/o makeup, with aliens in makeup. Cultural subtly has abandoned Americana.. which is evidence that white European lineage Americans were never the problem.

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