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@VijeMiller · 19d
>wings but miami vice
Now just need a studio exec and an elevator.

@VijeMiller · 33d
Writing a sitcom? Watch #Wings and recognize that your sitcom must have a Lowell, Fay and Roy to sustain. 1:1 ratio of loony foils to every straightman bcuz think backwards --> the foils are leads the straightmen are seconds.

@VijeMiller · 91d
(1.5) new engineering projects (novelty) awaiting #TVShow
(1) new project (practical) awaiting hardware
(3) new projects in the wings (2 novelty, 1 practical)

(5) new TVShow episodes green-lit
(3) pre-


@VijeMiller · 119d
Forbes likely wrote this article as spin to how the Obama administration handled H1N1 (correctly, by doing little) which ironically lends to how propaganda swings like a pendulum --> occasionally 'right' often under ill intent.

@VijeMiller · 297d
For a disease romanticized as deadly as morons believe, there seems no end to all the flora, fauna and inanimate objects capable of inoculating from it. Next up --> Playdoh, buffalo wings and brake dust. #WuhanFraud

@VijeMiller · 379d
Ayh grew up admiring television. Ayh wanted to create for television. Tho now, having sporadic moments of viewings, all ayh see is poison. Commercials, news, shows, even bumpers are indoctrinating. Not pandering, but narratives. It feels less free.

@VijeMiller · 388d
Pompous hipster bullshit rattling around in their head when they are interviewed on #DinersDriveInsandDives while eating wings and utter "ayh only eat quality foods..."

God damned fake mustache, useless hat.. you are eating fried chicken, dipshit!

@VijeMiller · 548d
Stole the briefest of moments to take pride in having created to date 168 #TVShow episodes -> w/ quite honestly a seemingly endless supply waiting in the wings. Shd things remain static for the next 30 days, at least (6) more potential eps...

@VijeMiller · 561d
60's was the end of America
70's was acclimating to this anarchy
80's was the concussion from the 70's
90's was rehab
00's was spreading wings
10's was picking sides

@VijeMiller · 698d
Meanwhile .. in a sports think tank slash Buffalo Wild Wings .. the notion of fewer games giving more value to each game (ala NFL) is pitched and immediately dismissed by greedy owners who forget they make more money to stadium event rentals. #MLB

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