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Friend and ayh uncovered why my videos suck
--> they're art. (o.ô)
>art is in the eye of the beholder
..which is code for 'no one is going to understand what you are saying bcz you are being needlessly clever and thus it appeals to such a minuscule demographic that you will require a safe word like "art" to psychologically compensate'. A vicious demoralizing cycle.

Ayh hate art. Once argued with an artist how art museums are wastes of resources.. and ayh was trying to sleep with her so you know my bitterness was committed ~(°-°)~ .. yeah so anywho my art is hurting my art. Now to overcompensate by putting in way too much dialog and ruining it all together. Cheers. (>_ლ) #TVShow

@pkvi · 1d
Sad part is, that aside from the almost certainly nauseating coping hysterics (not ha-ha hysterics) that will seethe from NPCs, our instincts at this point are to question what's next, considering that we are now knee deep in the game and they are almost certainly not going to relieve pressure from their globalist agenda. Nay nay, they have outspoken 2030(g) deadlines to humiliate us to.
Can't take what ayh don't have. ~(°-°)~

@pkvi · 2d
Yeah well obviously that was the next organic theatrical step. But you may say, perhaps they could create a musical that celebrates their own historical achievements? POC can not even stake a claim on banana plantations so, um, a historically accurate film of being given a free pass to more developed civilizations, then just cut loose to their own vices only to fail miserably and rely on eventually guilt tripping a lazy populace into celebrating their absence of achievement? That is quite an achievement not likely to all of sudden be revoked for whatever 'so tired' reason.

@pkvi · 2d
Heilung - "Fylgija Ear / Furthorck" (Live 017)

@pkvi · 2d
TO: Federal LE --> aym not really a hard line conservative but your admiration slash assessment of me is appreciated all the same. Ayh like long walks on the beach at sunset and prepping for the tearing down of globalist agendas by severing the bridge between peasants and elites.

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