@pkvi · 3h
[more] bitter and butter

@pkvi · 3h
>technically true
>prove me wrong

@pkvi · 3h
>home raided
>those darn crooked politicians
(≖_≖ ) ..uh, that's it?!
Never not unimpressed by Donald and his supporters.
>name names
Nah. But this swamp tho, huh?!
Too busy gesturing at rallies.
Ayve had farts in retaliation to Taco Bell more aggressive than this load. Either complicit or a loser, but never neither.

@pkvi · 12h
#PitchMeeting could potentially have been and is the best thing on the internet -- considering he has not changed the formula (even the visual quality) for four years and it still works and draws. That is lore level chronicling. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Kq-yEt1iYsbU

@pkvi · 13h
Congressmen: We can fix how broken the Federal government is with Federal government-ing. Trust us, we are in the Federal government.

Peasant: Well, he sounds sincere and said the words ayh like. You have my support. Ayh have never been steered wrong 47 times in a row.

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