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>modernity is sadomasochism
Existence is not eased by access to unlimited information and technologies. Life is not more fulfilling with more food, luxuries and populace.
>modern, happens..
Therefore we are responsible to guide others more boldly than the greedy and corrupt.

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Imagine a generation so plugged in that removing their devices feels like severing a limb. Ayh am unconcerned about GenZ in the civil war -- mere nuisances as they flail about in the dark. Sun Tzu is not applied to panicky uncoordinated peasants. The focus is more wisely placed on their wardens. #Anarchy

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#BurnTheBridge --> if not for the anti-peasant propaganda then for the absence of honesty for the sake of posturing. You may vote harder, but it does not force either monsters to shelter back in to the closet.
>here be dragons

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Might as well put negros on there as they too are an acknowledged handicap.

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