@pkvi · 2h
A conservative estimate of 110,000,000 (of 290M/US) leftist owned vehicles with an average ~15 gal tank equates to 1.65T gallons of gasoline one shd have no guilt in repossessing for the sake of the climate.

This does not take into account the leftist upper tier hand wringing wealthy whom own several automobiles, security vehicles, yachts, private jets, dot dot dot

@pkvi · 2h
Degenerative heart failure or /maybe/ the sniffles and a fever treated with honey and lemon tea? Even if CoHoax were real (it is not), the level of brainwashing is apoplectic. Refusal to share land and governance is imperative to our human sustainability. #pfs

@pkvi · 3h
What, no climate and covid too?!
>red flag soup
..then the rest.

@pkvi · 3h
Panthera pardus
Range: Southern Africa
India, Southern Asian
"transhumance displacement"
Dionysus (god of wine)

@pkvi · 3h
>might catch 3 or 4 covids

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