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Our youth and laymen are educated by short-hand representations of ancient cultures by either demolished monuments or inferior art, while in reality (pic rel) said cultures dating back tens of thousands of years exhibited extraordinary three dimensional skill honed by having adopted agriculture.

One may then ponder our modern portrayal to the future, represented by comic books, pop art and globular advertising --> we may be seen as retarded and unintellectual despite showing evidence of higher technologica--oh ayh see.

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>trust the critical

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>digital serfdom
Ownership is so Bronze Ageist.
>social credit
You have to find me fir--
>starlink blip
--fuck.. [ten credits deducted]
P.S. It is still not "AI" you terrorist twats

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>the oversized pants

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>medical professionals
The blurred line has become a civilization issue we allowed when psychologists and other PhDs became an acceptable trade to exploit. #KeepVoting if you believe that will resolve these now embedded social deformities.

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