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We all need to stop pretending. #pfs

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>milk the teet
'member when everyone lost their mind when they miraculously discovered the boson right as they were advertising the search for said boson?
>did not check off 3 of the 4 items for validation
Standard Model has become a check cashing service.

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Globalists are willingly sacrificing your livelihood for a hypothetical utopia rather than managing a conditional transition, bcz they are impatient and believe you are incompetent. Ayh am going to fuck their shit up. Where will you be? #pfs

@pkvi · 1d
Feminization of the western world comes with a particular linguistic inflection -- the up-ending consonant accenting a perceived intellectual merit -- which appropriately was the once acknowledged characteristic of the idiot valley girl. Every facet of American culture has come to poisonously adopt and tolerate the lawyer archetype up to and including the Legally Blonde chimera.

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>many places at once
Imagine (i) the variability symmetry of the gaps for a vibrational displacement of every single electron at the same time ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ so then to accommodate this idiotic metric, the alternative is of course to permit nothing to quite literally be nothing and call it a 'quantum state'. The i allowances in physics has misdirected a generation of theorists.

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