@pkvi · 3h
Ayh am embarrassed for us. They do this now so blatantly it is humiliating each day they perpetuate. Ayh am held up on initiating this war.. but ayh will not not, not. Ayh can not live in a world where we are this much a fool as peasants. #pfs

@pkvi · 3h
>no caffeine
>week two
Hallucinations are coming in hard and fast now. Get this, ayh believed we 'elected' that goofy real estate elite Donald Trump, president. Oh and before him, some Nigerian named Hussein Obama. Bill Gates became a doctor and felons replaced Thomas Jefferson. Ayd hate to see what my withdrawal fever dreams are going to be like.

@pkvi · 3h
(╯°□°)╯︵ progress not progressive

@pkvi · 9h
You know humanity has peaked when we went from 'oh a beach, we can capture sea-food but require immediate shelter' to 'ayh don't have to do shit.. its in the brochure'.

@pkvi · 14h
Do you suppose birds ever make
suggestions on destination travels?
Bird: chirp
Bird: Maldives?! Shit's expensive.
Bird: You're a bird, Daniel.
Bird: That doesn't mean ayh have to act uncivilized.

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