@pkvi · 7h
Just evidence of how America stopped existing a long time ago and every one involved since has been ((placed)) there for superficial management of the decay.

@pkvi · 7h
>doomed to repeat

@pkvi · 7h
Who, me?! Heh.. ayh am friend to all terrorists journalists. #BurnTheBridge is not a craft-y reference.

@pkvi · 19h
Stop making veiled threats and just do it already. Americans (peasants) deserve to suffer for having allowed ((America)) to have run untethered for over 100 years. Perhaps finally becoming a third world over night would lynch people awake.
>armageddon rules
Oh my good golly that would be so fun. Ayh used to make light of anarchists but, yeah.. just for a bit.

@pkvi · 20h
Ironically Family Guy's 16th series begins with a faux plead for an Emmy the while a few episodes later is an episode well deserving of such acclaim and yet earned relatively none. Perhaps it was too unsettling for Emmy viewers having to be challenged by art.

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