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#Blonde is an art film.
It is not a biography.

Those who fail to see this in review are a scourge to film-making. Yes, you could trim 20 minutes and there are 6 or 7 edits ayh found unwanted (i.e. the ending shd have been less ethereal) but the film was raw, honest, elegant and uncomfortable. One that demanded ayh shut down everything ayh was doing and turn off all ambient light.

Armas was staggering - ayh often shit on recent biographical characters as the actors are simply reproductions, but she stepped out. Here is hoping she is endlessly rewarded so as to displace imbeciles.

Having stated before, modern reviews are by failed students who forge palates on Marvel branded garbage, unable to discern a Monet from a Picasso from a Pollock.

Side note; the behind the scenes manipulative sexual abuse long stereotypical and tolerated in Hollywood is something else we must turn to ash. Actors are an inherent breed of deviant, but there is no excuse for those who feed on them.

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TVShow 8X18 Dr. GPS

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..just (>_ლ)
>multi-articulated for no reason
It's just like us! ( ᐛ )>

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Compassion is compromise is surrender. If you offer compassion to all, then it is no longer a conscientious trait but rather a victimization. Preservation is true to all species, yet only humans willingly defy this at their own peril.

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