@VijeMiller · 4m
CoVID-19 chart. Oh wait.. sorry.. this is chart for influenza. 5,000,000 are affected each year. 650,000 die every year. "Its just the flu" is just the flu and yet no one sacrifices 100% of the population. Politicians shd be lynched. #WuhanHysteria

@VijeMiller · 16m
Something is wrong.. and it is not the virus. There is nothing in the history of this strain that condones this coordinated overreaction. Now gov and MSM seem in cahoots. This is a global coup and traditional families are at threat. #WuhanHysteria

@VijeMiller · 1h
Struggling with the notion that the reckless overreaction is not sabotage bcz no group of people could be so negligent as to destroy a country over political pressure oh my god they destroyed America over political pressure. #WuhanHysteria

@VijeMiller · 3h
My mistake was anticipating that Donald "NYC" Trump would defy the media consensus in spite of the available information contradicting MSM --> a reminder that Trump is a game show host.

Hope murders skyrocket due to his swamp-ing.

@VijeMiller · 6h
For a social media frenzied culture --> a lack of viral (pun) posts regarding the despair from death and destruction.

Could it be /hype/ and /hysteria/?!
No body bags.
No endless venting of cremated remains.

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