@VijeMiller · 34m
Evidence of contentment having refined local emoticons.
It.. its time to go back to physical labor.
(╯°□°)╯︵ ʎʇıuƃıp

@VijeMiller · 36m
Vaccines are just another manufactured holiday by Hallmark.

@VijeMiller · 40m
"she" can say hey to "bin laden" while down there.
No, not convinced she was a crisis actor.
..and yet --> colored tape (._.)>

@VijeMiller · 42m
Slowly being pill'd that its sterilization.
Still uncertain which plot is the original plot.
Leftism is a fog clouding the upper tier's sleight of hand.

@VijeMiller · 44m
Unnecessary vaccines is the new pumpkin spice.
Real Doctor: You are healthy, you don't need it.
Pharma Doctor: Yeeaaaahhh! Stick in it, baby!
Idiots: Whooo, aym cured..? No idea.
>learns she sterile 180 days later

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