@VijeMiller · 3h
Each jab is a violation of an oath --> string 'em up!

@VijeMiller · 4h
2/2 People hated 'dark' news. Recall several accounts of "ayh don't watch the news anymore, its always so negative." Now we are saturated with 'news' --> and even those claiming to uncover the lies do so with a dismal disposition.

@VijeMiller · 4h
Relentless doom and gloom from all sides, as opposed to in my childhood when there was optimism, exuberance and an 'Americana' spirit (especially after USSR fell) is evidence enough that villains currently rule civilization. 1/2

@VijeMiller · 17h
Whom are you referring?
They and them is pluralism and alienating.
Multiple personality disorder is they/them.
Phineas Gage.. also they/them.
Well, actually was/is.
Does one need exorcise they/them?
The blood of christ compels he or she.

@VijeMiller · 18h
>first female...
Not true.
>first all female...
Why first now? Was it not primarily their skill up until given more leniency? Is being female a specific qualification for said role?
>first gay...
Let me stop you right there.. no, thank you.

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