@VijeMiller · 7h
"Santa Claus doesn't care if you're rich or poor.." is not evidenced by Santa's distribution.

@VijeMiller · 9h
Since Disney bought Marvel, boy that sure paid off for Mickey and fans alike (O.o)>

@VijeMiller · 23h
NASA competed to land a man on the moon against a country capable of the same. NASA now competes to land a woman on the moon against token social justice warriors. That.. that's not an inspiring battle --> expect many, many delays.

@VijeMiller · 1d
Universal constant defined by an artificial construct (simulation) is a cop out for decades of convoluted theorems leading down a path of irrational simplicity.

@VijeMiller · 1d
Reminder that the majority of every class are not the top of their class leaving many being bottom of their class --> these people are the heft of the doctors and nurses practicing medicine --> and have "medical opinions". #CovidHoax

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