@VijeMiller · 54m
3/2 #ResistanceTheory

@VijeMiller · 54m
2/2 That is to say that re-distribution of densities in a three dimensional plane would require spherical waves which then having a no-nothing occupation of 'empty space' would mean that collisions would be redundant enough to note ie fucking MATTER

@VijeMiller · 56m
A decade ago when they 'captured light' in the same manner, aye made note how this demonstrates how the metric for SOL is inaccurate -and- the Standard Model is b/s --> bcz a static re-distribution thru differing waves IS NOT COMPLIANT W/ PARTICLES!

@VijeMiller · 59m
Artist: People are starving in the world!
Same Artist: Here's me taking 15 mins to make an pancake art.

@VijeMiller · 18h
Kanye is prepping for his run as Dr. King 2.0 ..with the same pre-history of violence, sexism and penchant for whores. Coincidentally, men dressed as women is now more widely acceptable so Kanye best stay away from flamboyant lamps.

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