@VijeMiller · 1h
YouTuber: Aye sat in a chair and talked about something someone else did -- pay me!

YouTube: Meh.

YouTuber: Fuck YouTube! How dare they not appreciate that aye create OC that people come to YT to see! Sure it's a free platform and aye don't have to

@VijeMiller · 3h
Aside from or as consequence of obliviousness as a conditioning to subsist in NYC, long term memory or perhaps a less effective subconscious transfer seems to permit the perpetual state of inhospitable and/or declining conditions.

@VijeMiller · 9h
Ever notice when they portray a character's turn towards corruption and illegality - they do not play Garth Brooks or Beethoven or Natalie Merchant - no it's one particular culture's brand of ear noise.

@VijeMiller · 9h
(O_o)> no mention of the demographics?.. 'magine that.

@VijeMiller · 15h
This, indefinitely.
Vije Miller · 12d
Never turn your back on a nigger.

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