@VijeMiller · 1m
(>_ლ) "when crime increases, stress increases"

...as written by EIGHT(!) masters doctorate researchers .. published in the American Journal of Hypertension. Is .. is science a joke to you?!

@VijeMiller · 6m
(>_ლ) they asked... college students... for characteristics of their lifetime mate. Liberal minded truly believe the most evolved one can be is while attending college - which explains the inadequacies of the majority of their ideologies.

@VijeMiller · 25m
"Aye lean to the left instead of the right when aye fart while sitting down [beat] welcome to my Ted Talk."

@VijeMiller · 36m
BTS of TVShow 5X15 -> experimenting with Sketchup for set design -> permitting more extreme scenes otherwise currently unable to achieve ($). Next step is to unstiffen the costumes - perhaps layer and motion track. Nothing too complicated -> lazy.

@VijeMiller · 42m
TVShow 5X15 Mario Kart 24 Customs Edition

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