@VijeMiller · 10h
Greta Thunberg Threatens to Put World Leaders “Against the Wall” if They Refuse to Fight Climate Change

Further proving she really doesn't understand politicians -- being pinned against a wall by a teenager is many a politician's kinks

@VijeMiller · 14h
Nay golf shant never lose its nose of twatty effervescence. Flecks of sand that does nothing to improve the lie, swing or 72 holes required to win is certainly worth a gallery of scorn, considering NO ONE in that gallery toes a lie. Definitely *wink*

@VijeMiller · 14h
AI and robot are keywords for asians in the armour of industry that we rely on for basic necessities. Forget "Skynet" as a means to demise - fatal code, difficult repairs inline or power supply restraints will aggressively disrupt daily life.

@VijeMiller · 14h
The manner is which cities could actually be hindered by ransomware, to the point of crippling and declaring a state of emergency (fraud) is delightfully satisfying seeing as one who would desire to invoke chaos see evidence of meek minimums.

@VijeMiller · 21h
Curing AIDS will almost certainly push the world to war. We are near brink level resource consumption -- imagine preserving and thriving several tens of millions of inferior breeds who will inevitably migrate and leech and pollute other countries.

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