@VijeMiller · 11m
Tulsi would be wise to personally check all vehicles she rides in. Hillary knows how brake cables work bcz shd told some one how brake cables work.

@VijeMiller · 48m
"Scientist": Dark matter is the majority of all things we can not see... except we do not know what what it is, can not measure it and oh yeah, aye lied. Phew, its a good thing magazines don't shill proof any more. Next article? Dark matter matters.

@VijeMiller · 5h
Idiot: Facebook is stealing our data, creates fake news...
Also Idiot: [logs in to Facebook] Just checking.

@VijeMiller · 6h
Every US general who turns on the president and claims to endorse a healthy government is demonstrating their treasonous character as have most generals for the last 50 years. Mattis brags about being a decorated general of more than one losing war.

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