@VijeMiller · 26m
We are now easing into the Post-Hysteria Hysteria media phase.

@VijeMiller · 31m
Tucker Carlson is a cunt. Blunt enough?!
For clarification --> he contributed greatly to the #WuhanHysteria and is now walking back slowly yet permitting idiots to propagandize the post-hysteria fear bcz he is unable to MSM the truth about the flu.

@VijeMiller · 39m
Friendly reminder --> your country of [insert country] betrayed you over false hysteria and subsequently demonstrated their wants to restrain you beyond the metrics of civility. Bcz of this, you shd truly look upon alternatives going forward --> #pfs

@VijeMiller · 1h
Summing up #WuhanHysteria.

@VijeMiller · 1h
50 says Dr. Fuckface sends a proxy to keep his pending contributor seat moist. #WuhanHysteria

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