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We pled for a future of science fiction not fantasy.

@pkvi · 12m
Had an interesting imaginary conversation with an elite (inner think tank) regarding the future of digital technology and identity and currency and neural networks (take a hint) --> and as a rational engineer ayh can not say that the future does not entertain such things, so it is up to me to then define a reasonable boundary that segregates authoritarian manipulation of peasant value on a whim. Tourism was the catalyst for how isolated digital currency runs into what then requisites collaboration with /the outside world/.

The 37 minute conversation left me feeling that the only pure solution is collapse of the globalists authority so as to permit opportunity for lower tiers to navigate economic alliances --> which inevitably leads to new globalist authorities. This thread of hoping for linear sincerity is rather unrealistic. Ayh intend to have an imaginary conversation with someone else in particular in regards to this discrepancy.

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@pkvi · 44m
Why we fight. #pfs

@pkvi · 46m
Humanity has become the CW Network

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