@VijeMiller · 14m
Prediction: Mexico City's current architectural boom will in 10 years trigger digests as they turn slums -> insider tip -> save your US money transfers, Mexico .. you are going to need it to develop Guatemala. #pfs

@VijeMiller · 23m
MSM: "Millennials are less well off than predecessors - likely due to cost of education, incarceration, low employment and home value."

VijeNews: Millennials are burdened by overpopulation - raising costs of education, increase in crime, etc etc...

@VijeMiller · 26m
Keywords to ignore from science journals and research -> "time" "teleported" and "quantum". These are razzle-dazzle terms for a misunderstanding of engineering. Time can not be measured/traveled - teleport is to move - quantum is trendy.

@VijeMiller · 31m
There is a hefty stupid to tackle in this perspective ->
1. fossils are a rarity and implicit to circumstance
2. human's measure of genetic adaptation is forced perspective and laboratory influenced - as opposed to conditionally nurtured.
3. (>_ლ)

@VijeMiller · 36m
Hong Kong - more like Long Dong. So concludes my opinion on the matter of Hong Kong and China - bcz our (pfs) interests in (emphasis) their matters - is worthy only of a poop grade joke. Want to police the world? Prove you are worthy of such esteem.

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