@VijeMiller · 20m
Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin is on Paramount, CC, VH1, CMT, TVLand and Nick - to get that extra 0.1 sleeper share - ratings from people who fell asleep with the television on. Fewer people flipped less channels from a potus address.

@VijeMiller · 31m
+5 places to #8 from #13 on HackADay influencers
dot dot not that aye am keeping track.
Nope [clicks]

@VijeMiller · 59m
Oh oh oh - you meant aborting transsexuals .. bcz .. [chuckles] .. you could not possibly have meant abortions FOR transsexuals .. bcz [chuckles] that is ridicu--what?! You did?! Oh well honk honk then.

@VijeMiller · 6h
The avg person has this much personal data to preserve --> .

The avg person is told by x inc. this much data --> ░░░

The avg person believes this much data matters --> █████████

Vanity is pollution.

@VijeMiller · 9h
America: "Here's 3B$ for your defense."

Israel: "That's great bcz - uh - we don't have money. Yeah, we never have money. Aye mean, where would we Jews, get money. Its like we are the poorest peoples on the planet or some thing."

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