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ヽ(ಠ_ಠ) oh oh oh
>autoimmune disease is not caused by a virus
"Inventing the AIDS Virus"
>1970's drug abuse explodes
>autoimmune disorder consequence
>pharma pounces
>virus hunters rebrand harmless htlviii to hiv
>cookie cutter tests
Step 3. Profit
Can not cure what does not exist.

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Trust your own matured like-minded surroundings or feign trust for an unvetted everyone else and naively anticipate the best. Insects do not act as reckless, uncivilized and as manipulated as the modern human race.

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Particle modelers often lean heavily on the molecular bonds of elements without spending much time evaluating the medium these elements exist upon/within. The dialog presented here shd render queries as to why there are abundances of elements who have identical properties and/or why we classify different molecules when simply uncontested bonding different molecules while clarifying the same resistance alters the state of the molecules. Molecular and particle physics could be resolved were it to embed into a medium as a change of state rather than exclusionary to it. #ResistanceTheory

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>mountain dew pitch black match
(>_ლ) ..never-mind, sell the WWF

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>reveal likely truth years late
>shock and meme
>committee penalizes
>pay government fine with government money
>vote more
(._.)> ..what did ironically* Einstein say?
[*cultural identity]
Anywho.. here is "Dr." Carol Baker from the CDC

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