A customizable decentralized micro-blog (Twitter) and cms (Wordpress) that only you host and moderate.

Consider this --> each Miter account is individually hosted on a user's personal and private third party server (host) - either purchased or free - as opposed to supplying content to hosted services like Twitter, Facebook and Gab. The user becomes the sole moderator of their own dialog and responsible for their access to their Miter user, image and archive utility.

Centralizing the real-time flow of miters is done by way of RSS-like subscription, permitting the desktop browser or app user to subscribe to other users via the Stockyard. Miter applications and code author(s) never host miter user content, there by can not be accountable --> it simply aggregates the subscribed feeds.

A Miter portal will permit users to include their accounts in to a hub that will permit their feeds to contribute to trends.

Additionally you can create and edit static pages (Tenon) for more accessible long form content - as well as create and edit menu panels - control viewer and archive settings and more - all housed in a simple and compact file structure.

It is our intention that Miter remain an open source project employing php/txt/xml markup, avoiding mysql so as to aide the most novice of users in implementation and preservation of their Miter account.


Upload miter/ contents to your server.
Directory Protect (Password Protect) the scr/ folder.

You must give permission to outgoing connections with in your host firewall to permit several features.


Changing coded aesthetics and implementation is welcomed - tho we discourage you from altering Miter authoring format. Corruption of the standardized format will deny your data from public visibility and sharing.


Updates are frequent --> notification(s) are isolated to GitHub and


Ayh am not a professional programmer.
WYSIWYG.. which is why contributions are welcomed.

Change Log

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