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@VijeMiller · 2d
#TVShow returns to production today - between the hours of 10:00 and 12:00 local time - with a spoof, a pun and a quip. #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 10d
#Tenon is [beta] ready - unknown bugs not-with-standing. Now to re-populate 12 years of content .. sigh. Roughly 250 pages to compose. #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 10d
http://VijeMiller.com... is about to go thru a huge over haul after 12 years .. at present finalizing coding for the #Tenon new and edit admin pages - then populating from old. #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 23d
600 miters in and so far pleased with the txt database - tho aesthetically impaired has made for issues re input forms - several elements being modified before a new release. #StayTuned #Miter

@VijeMiller · 40d
Money and present impeded environment is currently the hindrances behind a delay in new #TVShow episodes .. with aim to improve both shortly and resume production before our Fall hiatus. #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 52d
De-light-ed to note that #TVShow 5X03 is salvage-able and is in post .. leaving 5X04 and 05 hanging on the decision on the lesser of two garbage-s tolerable for post. 5X05 is an engineering project .. as shd be every other third. #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 79d
An aesthetic issue delayed a new #TVShow series .. hypothetically to resume this week with (3) new episodes. Several engineering eps pending and 8 bit eps in the chamber. #StayTuned #TVS5