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@VijeMiller · 37d
Have refused to have taken the time to return to episodes and projects due to laborious activities .. this shall abruptly alter. #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 44d
New video and audio recording equipment .. new episodes inevitable. #TVShow #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 88d
Weighing some more coding changes to #Miter this week .. including development on commenting (replying) and link interaction/placement as opposed to fields. #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 117d
Next (4) engineering projects lined up .. (1) toilet (of course) (1) trendy badge (2) All Hallow's Eve projects. #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 157d
Reprogrammed and corrected a shoddy Shapeoko 3 XL .. now we are cutting cardboard .. game on! The last time I had access to a Shapeoko we ended up on Discovery Channel (Canada, aye). #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 173d
Subtle unimportant goal of publishing the next 6 to 8 #TVShow episodes respectively every other day .. due to a ridiculous bounty of content needing expunging. #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 192d
Major updates coming to #Miter .. reformatting essentially the entirety of the archive/ and user/ so as to permit the inclusion of new functions. #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 195d
Putting some major changes to the #Miter user/ pages .. mostly aesthetics .. some functional improvements. #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 205d
Discovered a #Miter image display bug ... will sort out shortly. #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 209d
Some semblance of calm from the server migration ... resolved a stripos() issue and now moving on to #Miter errors and will add a few elements in the process. #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 210d
Encountering a slew of errors in the process of migrating servers ... dismiss any illusion that we are concerned if you are inconvenienced. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 230d
Adding new features to #Miter now ... including avatars, bio, button themes and a link. #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 233d
Shooting #TVShow 4X11 Canon: Part V on Friday followed by a very spiteful of modern western world episode titled 'Spoiled' with the intent of applying it as a reply to some viral YouTube videos deserving of it. #StayTuned
@VijeMiller · 235d
HUGE #Miter update to Version 071018 which completes the conversion to XML ... which now permits development of third party apps to subscribe to your miter feed. #StayTuned