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@VijeMiller · 6d
Several mediocre shots in 'finale' production today - more tomorrow - with < 2 days remaining in the year/series. Next series will be no less unpredictable if not certainly an apocalyptic mess due to #pfs. #TVShow

@VijeMiller · 8d
NEW episode of #TVShow 4X38 published and it's not nearly as good as it deserves to be .. spoofing my favorite television series #OakIsland. Camera quality (Canon XS720) and audio quality under current conditions were crap and post could only bare.

@VijeMiller · 10d
Shelving an #OakIsland spoof episode for next series so that it can be done proper. This leaves focus on a quick-spit Series 4 Finale. #TVShow

@VijeMiller · 11d
Recorded audio for a #TVShow last night utilizing a more out-doors-y method so as to reduce reverb .. came up slightly short of reproducing the audio recordings earlier this year with a DIY sound box of towels. -8 days

@VijeMiller · 12d
As things are .. recording audio for #TVShow 4X38 today/tomorrow .. publishing later that day. Filming 4X39 (S4 Finale) Wed-Fri .. publishing on 363-018. S5 already in-production with a dozen+ episodes.

@VijeMiller · 18d
As living arrangements alter briefly .. it has been decided to re-shoot a latest #TVShow episode .. to be followed by a flurry of NEW episodes before the uncertain series four finale.