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Know a FDNY-Marine whose uncle was shot and killed during a robbery --> but hey, those 0.0001% of CoVID19 dnr elderly and obese, real heroes! CNN (#Tier3) is propaganda for government (#Tier2) propaganda for elites (#Tier1) propaganda. #BurnTheBridge

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News is dry
Propaganda is wet

@VijeMiller · 7d
CNN, Jade Sacker, etc --> #BurnTheBridge

@VijeMiller · 8d
For someone and someones who desire to be accepted by society despite being a natural impedance (homosexuality) they certainly do make it rather difficult to be sympathetic. #BurnTheBridge

@VijeMiller · 9d
Either CNN is unfamiliar with success after FOX's fall from grace (treason) or they felt uncomfortable so they are dunking their ratings to allow FOX back the top slot -and- to spite us. Either way --> #BurnTheBridge

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CNN: Annie is a terrorist.

@VijeMiller · 13d
CNBC: ...caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Governors: Yep.. oooo dang you coronavirus!

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Tier 1 - Elite (Inherited)
Tier 2 - Wanna-Be Elite
○ Career Politicians
○ Mega-Wealthy
Tier 3 - Media (Bridge)
○ formerly Religion
○ Propaganda
Tier 4 - Activists
○ New Politicians
○ Wealthy
Tier 5 - Peasants

@VijeMiller · 18d
30 years ago, the trend of pretentious meek men and women who claimed "ayh don't watch the news, its always so negative" led to perverting news to an opinionated talk show format --> the perfect vessel for propaganda. #BurnTheBridge

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