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>faster vaccine testing
ヽ(ಠ_ಠ)ノ ..not even a kiss first?

@pkvi · 9d
Coordinating terrorists is an elite handler's 24/7 purgatory.

@pkvi · 18d
They are aware of what they are saying and say it any ways, bcz a little bell rings (bumper music) and they get a treat. The 'great job' high fives and text messages from producers, colleagues and friends during commercial breaks must make studios look like kennels. Pavlov would drool.
>no repercussions
-atm. #BurnTheBridge

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>first dose phase spring-summer 2021(g)
>second dose fall 2021
>booster winter-spring 2021-2
>booster summer 2022
[counts on fingers] Based on modern short attention span metrics, the 1.5 years of hypnosis study is practically a video sequel release life time. Science will have aleady become eight figures wealthy spreading it legs on OnlyFans by then. (╯°□°)╯︵ gtfo, bridge. #BurnTheBridge

@pkvi · 20d
>the economy is fake and gay
>investors are gamblers
>the crash is engineered adjustment
"..and here's why that's a good thing."

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(._.)> ..this is very concerning
>ignore that vaccinated shd not worry
(≖_≖ )>
>unless the vaccine dogma has been a lie

@pkvi · 24d
>graduates sciences
>immediately in terrorism
Terrorists are cultivating and harvesting easily excitable youthful pay-check takers straight out of college bcz they have no real world experience to challenge narratives nor question editorial demands. And yet, the average consumer would not know this cunt has no practical experience to validate credibility.

@pkvi · 25d
Forbes again aggressively shilling the CBDC and Metaverse (VR/AR) "potential" ..and its terrorists are right on board with applying regulation asap. Yep, the thing none of us are in, needs to be heavily regulated as soon as possible. Why? Bcz we soon will not have a choice <-- pay attention. #BurnTheBridge

@pkvi · 26d
Forbes rarely makes it hard to forget that all terrorism (media) is a for-profit model. #BurnTheBridge

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