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When did opinion become the norm for news?
>always has been
At least it was not as masquerading in the past.

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>83 in florida
>105 in phoenix
>96 in dallas
Red is doom! They are on the verge of using emojis to propagandize the rather normal weather even further. [skull and crossbones] for when its > 100 the desert. #BurnTheBridge

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>peer pressure supersedes logic
Leftism summarized.

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Gold as an unknown limited resource was prescribed as a comparative value for asset worth based on its novelty. Due to this imaginary metric, central banks print notes of comparable exchange. NFT is a digital gold, inflating artificial resource so as to increase value of CBDC.

>earn a commission
>does not affect our editors
(≖_≖ )-- #BurnTheBridge

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>545 people
>40% independents
>and spanish
>4.5 point margin of error
0.00016% of the population
Ipsos (France) has WEF members.
(≖_≖ ) #BurnTheBridge

@pkvi · 11d
>be economy
>fed adjust value to compensate
>all good now
(>_ლ) ..peak retard.

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>could have
Rachel here, wrote a book about wildlife trafficking, clearly she is qualified to fack check and author health care model scrutiny saving lives during discrepancy riddled disease outbreaks. Fuck right off, terrorist. #BurnTheBridge

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@pkvi · 13d
This is precisely why ayh tend to lean on the side of discrediting the Standard Model -- especially as particle models are vapid (pun) shit. Science has become reliant on results for the sake of funding retention rather than research. The next big result, then trends that offer no new insights as a majority of the data is inconclusive and/or manipulated to the point of redundant speculative publication corrections. #BurnTheBridge

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