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@pkvi · 4d
(2) new #TVShow eps in the can

@pkvi · 10d
Gobsmacked all these years later, after having now edited some 255 mediocre #TVShow episodes using modern technology (Premiere, After Effects, etc), by the subtle visual effects layered on #MoulinRouge, edited some 22 years ago. You would never think twice of a seemingly insignificant shadow over-laid on a green screened character, but it adds such depth and texture -- done with ~(°-°)~ magic(?!). They still supplemented 8mm in-camera editing and projection splicing where my friend was going to film school at the time.

@pkvi · 31d
Despite continuing to script new episodes, ayh have lost nearly all interest in #TVShow production. (2) episodes have been queued in post for a week. Lifestyle is certainly contributing to a diminished morale. Sitting at a (small) desk in a diminished corner has become conditionally too physically and psychologically uncomfortable. An aggressive environmental alteration is desperately required.

@pkvi · 34d
DEV 162-022
1. TVShow 8X15 X16 (bits) in post-
2. "MatBot" in coding (8X17)
3. "Annabelle" (TA) in dev-
4. Glue Gun Loader in dev-
5. TVS 8X18 --> X22 in pre-
6. pfs (tbd)

@pkvi · 49d
Friend and ayh uncovered why my videos suck
--> they're art. (o.ô)
>art is in the eye of the beholder
..which is code for 'no one is going to understand what you are saying bcz you are being needlessly clever and thus it appeals to such a minuscule demographic that you will require a safe word like "art" to psychologically compensate'. A vicious demoralizing cycle.

Ayh hate art. Once argued with an artist how art museums are wastes of resources.. and ayh was trying to sleep with her so you know my bitterness was committed ~(°-°)~ .. yeah so anywho my art is hurting my art. Now to overcompensate by putting in way too much dialog and ruining it all together. Cheers. (>_ლ) #TVShow

@pkvi · 68d
Aym not claiming to be hip ~(o.ô)~
..but whom am ayh to argue with Nature.
#TVShow 8X13

@pkvi · 72d
SITREP 124022
(2) TVShow in post-
(7) TVS in pre-
(3) engineering eps 1:3
(1) eng in dev- (animatronic)

@pkvi · 78d
SITREP #118022
(2) TVShow eps in post-
(5) TVS in production
(3) engineering projects + TVS eps
(2) TVS in pre-
-59 days to PFS

@pkvi · 82d
#SensorBuddy is a handy remote sensor tool for in-situ sensor testing projects -- bcz IDE serial monitor programming and isolated power supply is rarely (never) the identical. Includes more functionality -- #TVShow episode in pre- #StayTuned

@pkvi · 86d
Dev 109022
(5) #TVShow in pre-
(2) engineering projects (+1 dev)
(3) #Millworks features in beta

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