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@VijeMiller · 6d
#TVShow 6X20 --> sneak peak
Do you feel, in charge?
Well.. no.

@VijeMiller · 7d
Pre-color correction post (6X20)
>bathroom "studio" budget
#TVShow #bts

@VijeMiller · 16d
Suspending production on new #TVShow episodes so as to publish another (3) in unison as with the preceding, tho this time all engineering. -25.46 #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 17d
(1.5) new engineering projects (novelty) awaiting #TVShow
(1) new project (practical) awaiting hardware
(3) new projects in the wings (2 novelty, 1 practical)

(5) new TVShow episodes green-lit
(3) pre-


@VijeMiller · 24d
Working thru the night on post to dump (3) new #TVShow episodes tomorrow (today) --> then filming an engineering episode --> then (4) novelties --> then a project.. and on for the next four-ish weeks (finale). #StayTuned

@VijeMiller · 28d
(3) new #TVShow episodes in the can and find an unchained-by-grants researcher to analyze one of those stolen vials. #Multitasking

@VijeMiller · 29d
6X20 is our [my] 200th episode --> whooptie-doo ~(O_o)~ ..saving any faux cinematic efforts for the series six finale. #TVShow

@VijeMiller · 29d
Intent on filming (3) new #TVShow episodes today in effort to dump the contents of my pea-brain prior to #pfs going live (-38.38 at time of posting) --> 6X17 X18 X19

@VijeMiller · 32d
46 days until the new year
12 #TVShow eps competing against morale
7 #Miter mods molding
5 lame engineering projects lame-d
1 #pfs frothing
This.. this is why drugs, right?!

@VijeMiller · 50d
Deleted 6X14 and 6X15
Rendering sans VHS filter
(>_ლ) #TVShow
@Vije Miller · 50d
Ayh promise to cease with the VHS 4x3 filter --> [dramatic turn] for now. Admittedly 6X14 shd not have been but ayh got caught up in a (cheap editing escape) loop. #TVShow

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