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@pkvi · 7d
(>_ლ) ..incidentally deleted the "why ayh"
Why was it not embedded here? ~(°-°)~
Folly being corrected.
Meanwhile, numerous #Miter updates inbound (bugs, updates and new features), #TVShow Series 10 is (≖_≖ )>, and quite literally awaiting psilocybin for potential de-funking of engineering (writers) block. Stagnation and societal distractions has done serious damage --> add it to the list of why #pfs (-89).
>competition of light
>right of way
Further #ResistanceTheory modelling as well.

@pkvi · 20d
Now that #TVShow is numerically linear, ayh have re-numerated the series labels to appear more clean, including eliminating Series 00 entirely, which now properly identifies the upcoming series as the 10th. (>_ლ)

@pkvi · 23d
(if) #TVShow Series 9(10) occurs ~(°-°)~ then it will be slightly differently abled. Longer bits (>1m) and project builds (expediently). Also potentially a multi-episodic linear dramedy series. Tho ayh would settle for just better audio (╯°□°)╯︵ dubbing!

@pkvi · 23d
Attempted a last minute engineering build (two actually) to /excuse/ the last #TVShow project episode being trash --> yet was faced with an almost unholy multitude of impediments.
1. deconstructed toroidal room agitator
2. bluetooth accularm
Series 8(9) finale will now publish in their stead.

@pkvi · 39d
New #TVShow episodes published soon are a minute half plus ..and they feel like an Amazonian trek. The secret to long form sketch writing must be to hate 80% of what you write. Problem with many modern writers, Furious, is they do not hate enough of what they write. #ThoseGuysSuck

@pkvi · 42d
Just watched a talk by Ryan George mentioning he started making ~30 second videos in the beginning then after he expanded to several minutes is when it took off. Aym just 4 to 5 years late to the game (>_ლ) .. #TVShow

@pkvi · 47d
Converted #TVShow numerating from series to consecutive.
ex. 8X08 -> (245)

@pkvi · 49d
Ayh have no certainty about the next #TVShow series (9) which would ideally begin in 44 days --> how ever, were it to manifest, having jealously studied the success and failures of content creators and content absorbers, ayh would intend to triple average run time to 1.5 to 3.0 minutes per episode --> or select a more sketch comedy show route and compile several bits into said length, segregating engineering builds with /build/ content included. This all remains hypothetical as the coming year (023) is intent on being a bastard.

@pkvi · 58d
>32 days
- 7 to 9 #TVShow episodes (includes S8 finale)
- 1 to 3 engineering projects
- #pfs CIRA in 023 (otc)
(╯°□°)╯︵ stick-to-itiveness (Websters)

@pkvi · 60d
Audio has been strangely over-amplified due to an OS software update (on a 7 year old laptop) which was cause for under amplifying sound on the latest two #TVShow episodes (which were meh anyways).
34 days left --> 2 per week (+2 eng)

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