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@pkvi · 8d
Audio has been strangely over-amplified due to an OS software update (on a 7 year old laptop) which was cause for under amplifying sound on the latest two #TVShow episodes (which were meh anyways).
34 days left --> 2 per week (+2 eng)

@pkvi · 13d
(2) new TVShow episodes in the can but after having updated editing software but not hardware, several post production audio recording dubbing issues are being resolved. Audio had already been piss poor prior (poor as in poverty), so any deviation worse is intolerable. #StayTuned

@pkvi · 40d
It appears to be that time in my journey to discredit the misdirection physics has led over the last 100 years by now including disapproval of the theory of Relativity's model for orbital gravity. In a three dimensional spherical space, falling to/from Langrange points requires /dead air/ where there is a nominal or static space, but this does not occur as motion is influenced (waves, heat, expansion, etc) and indefinite. This means linear parallel motion is required to fix a mass to a three dimensional encased warping of space, which in itself is a problem requiring more than three dimensions, which ayh refuse to tolerate in modeling existence --> its the cowards way out of inexplicable complexities and exploitive hyper-theory. P=F/A. #StayTuned #ResistanceTheory

@pkvi · 45d
After ~15 years, will cease ownership in ~10 days. Ayh would like to also transition from to another more condensed option which, shd the next few months pan out, is entirely possible. #StayTuned

@pkvi · 103d
pfs w/ pkvi podcast

@pkvi · 206d
#SensorBuddy is a handy remote sensor tool for in-situ sensor testing projects -- bcz IDE serial monitor programming and isolated power supply is rarely (never) the identical. Includes more functionality -- #TVShow episode in pre- #StayTuned

@pkvi · 210d
Dev 109022
(5) #TVShow in pre-
(2) engineering projects (+1 dev)
(3) #Millworks features in beta

@pkvi · 244d
After much disinterest and waffling (pun intended) --> ready for its episodic reveal and to then be forgotten. #TVShow #StayTuned

@pkvi · 257d
Stupid. #StayTuned

@pkvi · 265d
Closing in on a long ago promised useless novelty voice automated Arduino ____bot after having been bot-blocked by a confined space gravity fed dispenser with meek resources. #StayTuned

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